Abraham and Melchizedek

How does the mysterious priest Melchizedek fit into the larger biblical theme of the royal priest?

Watch and Discuss Together

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Shalem, or Salem, is later known as Jerusalem. Moriah, a mountainous region in Jerusalem, is later called the “mount of the LORD” (Genesis 22:14) and the “temple mount” (2 Chronicles 3:1). With all of this in mind, compare Genesis 14:17-20 with Genesis 22:1-14. How do you see God providing for Abraham in these similar settings?


Learn more about Melchizedek by reading Hebrews 7 aloud as a group. Discuss some of the ways the author compares Jesus to Melchizedek.


As you review Hebrews 7, notice how the author assures their audience that Jesus is better than any other priest. What are some of the reasons the author provides? How is this good news for everyone?


Take time to discuss other themes, questions, or key takeaways from what you learned together.

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